Saturday, March 04, 2006


For you see, I travel ECONOMY.

Boarding a plane to Boston, I stepped as slow as the people before me would allow. I always dig walking through first class. They're mostly overweight and slightly sweaty- and they look at you. I received direct eye contact with one fellow, a large, poofy gent- white with pink fringes around the cheeks- messed-up, dissheveled hair. He looked impatient at the zoo passing before him making their way to the back of the plane. Little did he know, he was due back at six himself...

Another guy in first class had his head buried in Sky magazine. It was hard to see his face because he was so very close to the pages. On closer observation, the guy was an albino. I'm not slamming albinos, I got no beefs, but it struck me.........he probably can never-ever look up into the sky. Naturally, I would assume, if that magazine is about what it says it's about, "the sky" well yes, I bet he would find "Sky magazine" really quite fascinating if not scintilating. It's too bad the sky really isn't filled with cheap, kitschy merchandise as he may be gathering. (emissions are a form of kitschy merchandise...)

Finding a seat and several miscellaneous "BONG BONG BONG" noises later.....and aerial hub-bubs later.... we're offered "refreshments" and what-not. We didn't have a choice on the "what-nots". They handed out these little packets of crackers that were in the shape of little airplanes. Strange, I thought. We're in a plane- and they're feeding us packets of little planes...well hell, I can dig the irony. So I opened the package, ate one..........tastey. I was up to 3, 4 planes at a time. I thought how funny it was that the plane ate me........and I ate it......but then I saw a mountain below me that looked like a boob.