Thursday, May 10, 2007

eEvil Ink Design Visits New York City

I am writing this note upon a small schooner by the name of "Beachy Keen II." Do not ask what happened to The Beachy Keen the first. That is to say, you can ask, but you wish you hadn't because the answer will threaten your dreams at night as you roll over the wet waves of...plunder, shall we say.

Why am I on this schooner: allow me to explain.

My name is eEvilyn Diddley Scott and I do not trust the aero-spaced vessels that hob knob with the clouds. I feel that it simply is not right. Therefore, I find suspicious shipery exciting- if nothing else. I'm currently east of Brazil, my favorite place upon this great blue cube, (the earth is NOT round). Just a few exciting minutes ago I peered through my is a mountainous region- Brazil.

Soon I shall reach my destination:




MAY 16th - 22nd

If you care to contact me, please do. I shall do everything in my powers to meet with you and sign autographs. All you have to do is scower my website for contact information or...I can leave this "link" as they're called:

What ever you type, you can send it there where I shall get a faithful minion to read your message aloud to me as I do not care for advancing technologies, I will not, with first hand, personally participate in electronic mail. I even gesture with my left hand as I dictate my letterdom.

eEnjoy yourselves, where ever you may lie.
Perhaps I'll see you in New York.

_eEvilyn Diddley Scott