Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Villainy General Store

Villainy General Store is not just a gift shop, it’s an “old timey” general store, but with a twist to meet the needs of the industrious urbanite.

What gives with the name Villainy?

In this world where faceless corporations are supposed to be the "good guys," we have decided to be the anti-heroes, the "villains" -if you will. We're happy to don the cape, hat and moustache. And not just because it looks much better than a red and blue unitard (although, that's a part of it) but because we're the under dog, the little guys, we're your "mom & pop store." We're happy to stand up for our neighborhood and be counted, we just don't want to be number 2.

What will we sell?

Briefly, we'll offer such items as: cast iron skillets, simple cookbooks, rolls of vintage fabrics, vintage wallpaper, various art supplies…

In addition we will also carry a few essential dry goods such as: organic coffee, tea, flour, even pan cake mix…anything we can stuff in a barrel! Old fashioned penny candy! We’ll sell working antiques such as type-writers, incandescent light-bulbs, 3-D stereoscopes, antique tools, cool old door knobs, hand cranked juicers, basic necessities...duct tape (various colors), hooks, nail and even hammers!

Everything from twine to tea-kettles to real maple syrup: unique toys and modern contraption-type gifts to hand screened tee shirts made in the back room, we will also offer our complete line of eEvil Ink Design.

"Buy Echo Park, for Echo Park."

Wait, who & what the hell is eEvil Ink Design?

We started eEvil Ink Design near the rusty shores of Silver Lake Reservoir back in 2003 selling our own brand of humorous greeting cards, tee shirts, journals and other gifts & novelties, "Trader Joe's Parking Lot Survivor" grocery bags.

All of eEvil Ink Design products are based in fearless, clean design and edgy, uniquely humorous writing. For example, we make "Breakup cards," for when you breakup with somebody: black cards, white text, that’s it. No pictures, just text, “Your band sucked anyway.”

It has always been our goal to open our own, “brick & mortar” store in combination with an online store. Likes we says, Villainy General Store will not only offer eEvil Ink Design products, but other products as well, including local artists of Echo Park, The Silvered Lake, Los Feliz (The Happy) and of course, downtown LA, Boyle heights, etc...

Please contact us if you are a local artist/artisan who is interested in setting up a consignment deal, or if you have any suggestions for our store...

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