Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bug Thy Neighbor (hood stores)

Do you get a thrill when you know about something first? and for once it isn't about you and your love life?

yes / no (circle one on your screen with permanent marker)

If you like the cards we carry and you frequent a local shop in your town that you consider "cool", please tell them you personally know about us. Mention our name, tell them our favorite color is black and we like beards made of bees, hiking and papermache elephant-head ashtrays.

If you score us an account and they end up selling our stuff in the store of your choosing, I'll totally back your desperate claims of knowing us- I mean...I'll put it better than that.

I'll make you seem cool and say things like,
"Oh yeah, if it wasn't for________ (fill in your name here with marker) we sure wouldn't be cool. Some say there's a ten mile radius of cool that follows________ (name w/ marker) around at all times. Lot's can't run from______'s (name w/marker) pure cool."

Anyway, go out there and bug people. Okay, so you don't have to mention us to anyone, fine. You can keep our secret as bottled up and repressed in your soul as your secret love for Tony Danza, like that won't give you cancer...

"Topic of Cancer": is cancer ever funny? I think it's funnier than Tony Danza, what do you think?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Santa Goes Urban

Greetings Friends and Foes! We thought we'd bring this blog back from the dead with the happy news that our Drunk Santa cards have weasled their boozy way into Urban Outfitters stores across the country. You'll find them passed out on tables in the Home Goods section waiting for you to buy them up and send them to your unsuspecting mailing list. You can also check him out here: http://www.eevil.org/unholiday.html

You'll also find Santa at select Newbury Comics stores in a couple weeks, along with some other new card designs our lazy butts haven't even posted to the website yet.

Speaking of the website, we begin a long-awaited major overhaul this week that will feature lots of new t-shirt and card designs-- and we'll even let you buy them! I know it's crazy talk...but it's true! Meanwhile, we promise not let this blog pass out along with Santa. Keep checking us here for daily updates on our eEvil little world....