Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just a reminder of who we are...

eEvil Ink Design has one foot firmly intrenched in the year 1890 and the other? The other foot is skipping around then & now.

We work on an alternative level of design from the normal cliche, for example, instead of Greeting Cards, we make Breakup Cards. Instead of Holiday Cards, we make UnHoliday Cards such as "Pray vs. Sleigh" and "Drunk Santa."

Design is in our name and we are not limited to placing them on cards. We also carry:


AND we have plenty more to come...


Our mascot, an 18th century railroad villain/baron, best suites our style. His name eEvelyn Diddley Scott. Welcome to his world:

"I like it when things around me are steeped in trickery or tinged with eEvil Ink.... I like when people say, "ready when you are" and "me too." I never learned how to tell time. I don't believe this nonsense that the world is round. I have not washed my hands since 1983! (of political crimes)

I like strolling down to the market with my cane out-streching my striding gate as I inhale my red carnation festooned to my silky lapel.

The local fruit stand I once pilfered from as a child has new owners now and they're always happy to see me. The sun sometimes winks at my shiny shoes and the bees divide and leave me be.

My fists never appear before man, woman nor beast- only upwards to the continuing dawn of paradise lost. No single man to blame but all men disguising themselves under mankind.

Beware foe! tis true the idle fists! If taunted, they will unfurl to rope and fast swirls of entanglement 23 skidoo! For you see, in the pursuit of my well being, if you have crossed eEvilyn Diddly Scott, you may find yourself neatly cocooned to a railroad track!!

Other than that, I like kittys, lollys and balloons on a stick."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moulin Rouge / eEvil Launch Party

eEvil Ink Design "new product" Launch Party!
(in cahoots with Coco de Mer USA)

SEE: fabulous brand new designs by eEvil Ink Design!

SEE: curious items of finery sold by Coco de Mer of Hollywood.

DRINK: intriguing spirits & sophisticated libations at The Doheny, Downtown LA.

SPIN: KCRW's own DAN WILCOX stylings & sampler.

BAND: Live music by Stereo Fox!

FEEL: like a real somebody!!

GO: THIS FRIDAY! June 26th

MUST: RSVP by June 24 on this page or by this email:

COMPLICATED: hard to find valet parking & entrance on FLOWER St. Look for a sign with a key on it.

SLACKS: cocktail / evening wear is required, no jeans or teed shirts or jimmed shoes allowed.

EXPANSIVE: professional mixologists will be standing by to take your every drink order. It is a full bar with plenty of pricey yet satisfying drinks for you and yours- and that one guy & that one chick.



Thursday, April 09, 2009

UNIQUE los angeles


Come and see us, live! Booth 223.

That's right! eEvil Ink Design will be vending their asses off Saturday, May #2 and Sunday, May #3, 11am till 6pm or something at The "UNIQUE los angeles" Show located at the CALIFORNIA MARKET PLACE CENTER PENTHOUSE.

..But don't take our words for it, have a look-see at these words from the event peoples...
UNIQUE LOS ANGELES is an exciting two-day shopping event that showcases independent design talent at great prices. The event brings together over 230 of the best designers, artists and merchants. We believe in supporting the community while stimulating the local economy, we thrive on individualism, and we hope to introduce independent design to the masses. There are deals and discoveries a plenty!

For more information about this event, please

We hope to see you there!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

eEvil Ink Designs for a better tomorrow

Come and join us on Facebook!

Get to know just what eEvil Ink Design can do for you as to insure that you will have a better tomorrow.

The down side: you will always have a horrendous, horrible and hideous today. We call it the "triple H Escher effect". But we must never stop the fight for "a better tomorrow".

Come along and join us!! What do you have to lose?? Today, that's what!

If you join now, make up a title for yourself and simply explain what you can do for the group and we'll make you an officer!