Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Counter Inauguration Ball

Trying to do our bit for some good in the world (there can be no eevil without good), we're currently working with photographer Rebecca Wachtel to produce Rise and Shine: The Counter Inauguration Ball. To be held in Los Angeles on January 15th, (the date of the presidential inauguration) the event will feature artists, musicians, performers, and political speakers.

If you're interested in participating, read on.....

Counter Inaugural Ball

Come painters, photographers, word smiths, musicians and closet politicians- come everybody

...Rise and Shine... it’s time to defeat mediocrity and ignorance. It’s time to stimulate and re-invent a counter culture to regain our dignity and prove to the world that we're more than a bunch of Bush-loving, TV watching, overweight, environmentally ignorant, homophobic, religious, war-mongering boobs.

Let’s meet the best minds of ALL generations.....

We're still looking for artists and musicians who want to participate, anyone who would like to volunteer their time to set-up, people willing to talk about worthy political agendas, and more...if you have an idea or want to get, get on it already.....

Contact Rebecca Wachtel at
Or get a hold of us at or

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