Friday, February 18, 2005

More Good Stuff Than You Can Shake a Stick At

It has been, er, pointed out that if we are to discuss the cool stuff SOME of the people we know are doing [see indieIN below], it follows that we really should discuss the cool habits and so forth of ALL the people we know [at least as long as we can link to it.]

SLU [so, like, um], shall we begin?

In case anyone reading this doesn't know, eEvil Ink's very own Erich Schlieske is not the only Schlieske.
With that in mind.....


Not to be missed live, Tina is just one of Erich's rock star sisters. Check her out at upcoming dates at SXSW and in Los Angeles.

SXSW-Utne Reader Showcase at the Fox and HoundAustin, TX
The Hotel Cafe - The Fallen Sisters of MercyLos Angeles, CA
The Hotel Cafe - The Fallen Sisters of MercyLos Angeles, CA

Or listen to her stuff and get the whole story at


Moving on, we also think that anyone out there with a libido (read: adult human beings) should check out It's a little muy caliente for the office, so you may wish to wait till you get home to do your shopping for lingerie and other boudoir, er, accoutrements. But no one should miss an opportunity to visit the "world's most luxurious erotic emporium."

And, by the way, it's really a beautiful website...the best we've seen, well, since ours (! No really, it's much nicer...

Ok...I think that should keep you all busy for a while...

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