Thursday, October 19, 2006

eEvil Ink Loves Brazil !! (the addendum)

Long about yesterday, we wanted express our love for Brazil in their native tongue, Portuguese. We're not sure if it's exactly "native," but it happens to be the tongue of Brazil.

Using a hand held device by Radio Shack: "Porto-on-the-Go-Go" We had it translate a message to the people of Brazil yesterday, October 18th, 2006. You can even see the very message below if you dare look down there.
We'd like to make mention that the original English version had a form of coherence- not so when translated back to English. The following is the message that was translated: ENGLISH to PORTUGUESE and back to ENGLISH by the new hand-held "Porto-on-the-Go-Go" by Radio Shack:

"Hello friends of Brazil, as is you today? That way to the library? Can I start a wax there? Tomalies in my low shoes has ones.

Approval, not really...

Since that we were thus mentioned valiantly in one of its wonderful compartments, us we observe many of the strokes in our Web site. We desire to inform it who that one, yes... it is approval to buy some of our merchandise. Moreover, our cards do not come with the plastic, sorry injectors --this can satisfy it (we know that he satisfies customs).

If you to desire to buy our cards or t-shirts and you will not have a customer of PayPal, simply the email me and me it will see to it that you receive that its disires from the heart... Revenge!"

Thus ends the message. What we would like to say now is, "Sorry!!" and,
"Damn you Radio Shack !!"

We sent both versions back to the lab to findout, once and for all, what we actually said.

If you find yourself to be a Portuguese...English to Portuguese Language Scientist, please contact us at once! We need your help. We will even settle for a Lithuanian 3rd grade grammar school teacher.


Carolina said...

Hello! Im brazilian and appreciated your atention with us. Particularly I joined very much your creativity, maily around the break up cards. Congratulations! If you want some help with text translations I may try to do it. Oh, I were almost forgeting... I laughed too much with the Radio Go-Go portuguese version. Belive: it was funner than shameful. =)

eEvilyn Diddley Scott said...

Thank you Carolina! We honestly do love Brazil. I would like to take you up on translating something for us! Thank you! Perhaps you can comment something nice on our blog? Thanks again, _erich of eEvil Ink Design.


Obrigado Carolina! Nós honesta amamos Brasil. Eu gostaria de fazer exame de você acima em traduzir algo para nós! Obrigado! Talvez você pode comentar algo agradável em nosso blog? Agradecimentos outra vez, _ erich of eEvil Ink Design


Carolina Debtor! We honest love Brazil. I would like to make examination of you above in translating something for us! Debtor! Perhaps you can comment something pleasant in ours blog? Gratefulness another time, _ erich of eEvil Ink Design

Porto-on-the-go-go is obscene-o!

Clara said...

im from brazil too....

I loved!! Very,creativity !!

Its on my favorites now!!