Sunday, April 25, 2010


Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and more thanks to all of you who purchased our eEvil products at the UNIQUE LA show this past weekend! It was splendid to meet you all...

There are so many eEvil items to construct for you. We received a lot of good feed back from everyone, apparently everyone has a Pork Chop in their lives and also apparently, everyone knows someone who you knew was gay. These eEvil cards and posters were among our top sellers- and top requests for us to make as teed-shirts.


Our brand new "TRADER JOE'S PARKING LOT SURVIVOR" recycled cotton grocery bags were a big hit unto themselves as well- so much so that we very nearly sold out of those glorious bastards. BUT since it is so new, and it is not available for purchase on our website as of now, it WILL be available later this week on later this week when we screen more of them, so stay tuned for that action!

Again, thanks everyone, we sincerely hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did! If you haven't already, make sure you're registered with for upcoming will not be sorry, my friends...

Oh yeah, P and then S, we shall be making more "Ship Shirts" as well...(so glad I typed "ship" instead of something else)

Adieu, fine friends! Until we meet again...

_Your pals in eEvil

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