Tuesday, June 10, 2008

eEvil Ink's Crush on the Sublime Peoples

This is a story about how eEvil Ink Design win's the war against mediocrity at the rate of sometimes twice a day!
(a brief history)

With a tiny little dream in their tender hearts they began producing "Break-Up Cards."

But they didn't stop there.

Again they looked deep into their kind souls and began a line of cards that could reach out and bring all of humanity together. What they came up with was astounding.

They called them: "Hook-Up Cards" and they were red this time!

Minds were blown. (I said minds!)

When the seasons came upon us like, "Christmas" and "Chanukah" they decided to reach out to these folks, too.
For "Christmas" they decided to photograph one of the holiday's mascot's in a post, jovial celebration and they called it "Drunk Santa."Photobucket This card is still widely cherished by many people who love to make "Ha-Ha-Ha" noises (not to mention Ho-Ho-Ho noises) depicting a sort of, "I can no longer speak because my mind has been blown."

It was the same story when they came-up with the hilarious card entitled:Photobucket"Welcome to Fabulous Chanukah!" with a Las Vegas theme providing the gritty gears of this giggle factory.

On the heels of these Card Breakthroughs there lies a deeper layer to eEvil Ink Design. One that takes all of us on a magical journey of "wow!"


"They f^@ing make these??"

Sometimes, we must use both sayings.



So far eEvil Ink Has started producing what they aptly call, "Blank Novellas" and they couldn't be more...blank? This is good because one needs these pages to be blank so the good people can write or draw things in them. "GENIUS!" I say.

The blank novellas are a 3 volume set. THREE! Wow!

Pleasure1.) "Pleasure & Displeasure" is a fine beauty with a design inlayed in red depicting a noosed rope on it's cover. The reason for this is: it's an ideal image for hanging one's own ironic insights. It's a beautifully bound book, I assure you.

Scandalous2.) "Scandalous Thoughts & Evil Deeds" is a comprehensive look at a knife as it holds still a pear. (it's a pear on it's side with a knife through it) God knows what this pear has done to deserve this sort of treatment but one thing's for sure, this isn't the first time nor the last. Since the invention of the pearing knife, it's a slippery slope for pears.

Guidebook3.) "Guidebook to Misconduct" who wants to take a stab at writing this meaty novella? Well now you have your chance! This Guidebook will give you a head start. With it's golden owl on the cover, one can't go wrong. The owl is even depicted drinking from a golden cup of wisdom (or pimp cup) and he seems to be having a "Cheers!" to you as you have just purchased one of the best bound and designed journals the world has to offer.

There are so many designs under eEvil Ink Design's belt, it's almost inappropriate to look down there! If it seems like your confused by that statement...me, too!! But the excitement remains!

eEvil Ink also offers wax seal stamps (including wax) and as an option, they offer their unique designs in "peel & stick" form. That means no pesky fires and smoke!! All one simply does here is:
1.) PEEL

Easy Breezy! These wax seals come in 4 unique and gifted design looks: A Heart, A Pistol, A Bomb and an old fashioned light bulb- not the new low watt one either! These designs have an old "antique-y" quality to them that matches the old wax seal look.

The best thing to do to fully understand eEvil Ink Design is to purchase these items first hand for yourself. They can be found on Amazon or their very own website:


Their own website! What will they think of..............and then design next!!!


brightvisitor said...

From one creative Silverlaker to another, I love your products, have purchased them for myself and for others, and am made greatly proud by your success of stuff, fantastic stuff!

Ms. Brass Mclean @ brightvisitor@sbcglobal.net

eEvilyn Diddley Scott said...

Thank you Ms. Brass! but now you must apologize to all of the bees around the world! now that you have become their new knees!