Monday, March 21, 2005

Your Screenplay Sucked Anyway

Here in Los Angeles, a town where everyone is trying to get in with the industry, you gotta say it like it is.

Now on the racks at Arclight Cinema's gift shop, eEvil Ink "Your Screenplay Sucked Anyway" tees are the ONLY thing you should wear to the wrap party for that low-budget excuse for filmmaking you just spent two weeks of your life hustling over without respectible craft-services.

Soon to join their "Screenplay Sucked" brethren ~ "Your Movie Sucked Anyway" and "Your Audition Sucked Anyway" will be on the shelves later this week. Also soon-to-be available at the Arclight, an assortment of our lovely break-up cards.

Arclight Cinemas
6360 W Sunset Blvd (between Vine and Ivar, with DeLongpre to the south) Los Angeles, CA
T: 323-464-1478

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