Tuesday, November 01, 2005


That's right. How can you be mad at getting your pumpkin smashed??

Like you've never done it before... Oh, um... okay, if you have never-ever had the awsome delight of smashing pumpkins before, it's not too late! I bet your neighbor folk are somewhat hoping that someone would smash their pumpkins. Worrying half the night away in a fright, "What's wrong with us? Why did they smash everybody else's pumpkins but ours? What's wrong with us?" They'll question out loud, "Why, why, WHY??"

Would you like to see them in a sad march to the trash can, Jack-o-Lantern in hands, they let go and...thud, no smash? Do you know how that feels? It's like my dog with no nose, how does he smell? Awful.

I myself, eEvilyn Didley Scott, once had a pumpkin on my stoop for 103 executive days. It turned into goo- then was ingested by a tongue lashing like no other. The neighbors cat, Mr. Pickles, could do such things. Anyway, this had to of been back in 1909, I believe. Mr. Pickles sits upon my mantle now. He died because no one smashed my pumpkin...Is this why I am devoted to a life of eEvil?? You'll never know... and Pickles ain't sayin boo...

Anyhow, Back to the pumpkin smashing... Do it! It must be done- and it's quite a thrill. You can even take that special someone out on a date, do some smashing, then...who knows what...? Troll napping? Oh the possibilities are endless...

Another good thing: it makes your street look like a hodge-podge of good old American anarchy. What are you? a commy or something?



eEvilyn D. S.

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